The pursuit of our wellbeing is no longer a luxury for a few… but a necessity for all.

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Illuminations is an oasis of well-being offering a complete wellness eco-system for holistic healing, mental health & personal growth. With an aim to uplift human consciousness, our core purpose is to inspire individuals to create a happier, healthier and purposeful life.

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CEO & Founder – Soniyaa Kiran Punjabi

The Illuminations platform was created with the intention to help people awaken to their inner peace, power & potential in order to contribute towards a change revolution of living more consciously in all areas of our life including health, relationships, education, business & the environment.

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So whether you are stressed, unhappy, or simply wish to make a fresh start, we invite you to reconnect with who you truly are, and discover what truly makes you happy!

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Explore our wide range of wellness products that support your self-care, enhance your wellness journey and make you feel better from within.

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Café & Conscious Eatery

Sanskara is a nature escape within the heart of the city with a café & conscious eatery inspired by ancient cultures. Offering delicious wholesome food, surrounded by Zen vibes and mindful souls.


Wellness &
Treatment Center

Wellness offerings inspired by ancient healing sciences integrated with modern therapeutic approaches to restore the mind, body and soul in powerful wellness journey



Designed to foster community, connection, learning and growth with different events.

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Exploring opportunities with illuminations, allows you to access our unique business model & recipe for success in the fastest growing industry of wellness.

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